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1905 Bungalow
“Craft House”
Relocation and Complete Restoration


A call came in about a house that needed moving. They wanted to know if Diane was interested in this old Chatham county property. The house sat at the crossroads of Lystra Road and Farrington Road, which was considered the busiest crossroad in Chatham county in the day.  “As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted it,” Diane said of the “Craft” House. It was secured for a thousand dollars. “Oh yes, I HAVE to save this house. It’s all original. It would be great on the farm.” Diane’s wheels were turning.

The house was originally built as a hotel but some old timers may correct that identity to “a brothel” and go on to explain that over the years it was a place the locals would gather listening to music and learning to dance.  The intersection provided a country store a blacksmith and boarding stables for the horses. The house had twelve exterior doors and three bedrooms. Each bedroom had two doors. “Come in one and go out the other,” Diane explained with a mischievous grin.


When the dismantling and prep work for transport began, the crew was most excited when the asbestos siding was removed from the six gables revealing hand cut shingles underneath, each with a different pattern. Additional historical features an original wrap around porch and wide plank heart pine flooring.


A five hour journey to Haw River, thousands of dollars and six months of love’s labor, the house became a home for Diane and her family. She lives there still.


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