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Wendell Victorian
circa 1920s
Complete Renovation


The shortest distance of any structure moved by ShadeTree Construction was a huge Victorian that was situated at the end of a “T” in the road of a busy intersection. As was common in the day, roads were built right up to the large homes for ease of travel, but over the years, the area grew and the road became more heavily travelled. The residents were plagued with traffic, headlights shining in and an occasional car running the stop sign and ending up in the house. Pine trees and fast growing shrubbery were planted in an effort to buffer noise and vehicles. The new owners wanted to invest in a complete renovation, but that wouldn’t change the fact that they would still be sitting only twelve feet off the road. So Diane suggested an idea that since the property consisted of thirty acres, they could move the house back a couple thousand feet  to provide additional privacy, safety and space.  The house was successfully moved and the complete renovation added an additional two thousand square feet to this beautiful Victorian.

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